UNEP releases a timely new report on illegal trade in ozone depleting HCFCs

On the occasion of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, 16th September, the theme of which for this year is: ‘HCFC* phase-out a unique opportunity’, UNEP is pleased to  announce the release of a new report  entitled: Risk Assessment on Illegal Trade in HCFCs.

  • Is an eruption of smuggling of ozone depleting chemicals just around the corner?
  • Have we learned the lessons from CFC smuggling?
  • Are our enforcement agencies prepared and ready?
  • What actions are needed as we rapidly approach the HCFC controls?

This report provides a summary of recent cases of illegal trade in HCFCs and the policy measures in place to combat smuggling of ozone depleting chemicals.

By considering market conditions for HCFCs and drawing parallels with the context and methods used by smugglers which led to chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) smuggling, the report provides an analysis of the risks of HCFC smuggling becoming entrenched and makes recommendations on how this illegal trade can be prevented.

* Hydrochlorofluorocarbons



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