South-South cooperation in the Asia Pacific region

One of the key activities of UNEP DTIE OzonAction is to facilitate South-South cooperation between countries. Countries with greater experience on the Montreal Protocol implementation assist other countries developing and implementing the Montreal Protocol phase out measures.

The latest achivement was the successful cooperation between the Maldives and India in organizing a three day environmental film festival during 27-29 January 2011 in Male, Maldives. "The Safe Planet Film Festival" signifies a strong collaboration between these two nations in carrying out innovative acvities for environmental conservation, specifically the phase out of harmful ozone depleting substances.

The Maldives, India and UNEP DTIE OzonAction with other key partners are currently planning to jointly organize another major environmental event in the Maldives, Technology Bazaar : Ozone and Climate Friendly Products in May 2011. The Technology Bazaar will exhibit non-HCFC based, energy efficient, low Global Warming Potential (GWP), low carbon, sustainable and environmentally-friendly technologies available or in the pipeline in the market by leading companies and institutions in tourism, fisheries, cold storages and transportation sector from around the world.

The Technology Bazaar will create a suitable environment for development of a potential market to strengthen interregional cooperation and encourage innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships aimed at scaling up investments on non-HCFC based, low- and zero-GWP, energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies for productive uses. The Bazaar would be a unique culmination of cutting edge non-HCFC based technologies.

This is the first time that such Technology Bazaar will be organized in the Asia and the Pacific region. It will be held back to back with the Joint Meeting of the Regional Ozone Networks for West Asia (WA) and South Asia (SA).

Exhibitors and visitors from related industries as well as ozone and climate experts from Asia and the Pacific region are expected to join this event.