The Republic of South Sudan joins the Montreal Protocol family

20 January 2012 - Universal ratification of the ozone treaties has once again been achieved with the Republic of South Sudan, the newest UN Member State, becoming the 197th Party to ratify the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.  The new country, which became an independent state in July 2011, deposited the instruments of ratification for the two multilateral environmental agreements with the United Nations Treaty Collection in January 2012.

The Republic of South Sudan will soon become a member of the Ozone Officers Network for English-Speaking Africa, which already counts 27 member countries.  Along with the other Montreal Protocol institutions, UNEP DTIE OzonAction warmly welcomes South Sudan to the Montreal Protocol family and stands ready to provide technical support and guidance through the Compliance Assistance Programme in Africa for the preparation and implementation of its Country Programme for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

Press release:  South Sudan joins Montreal Protocol and Commits to Phasing Out Ozone-Damaging Substances


Interim Head of UNEP DTIE OzonAction Branch, Jim Curlin with South Sudan Minister of Environment, Lt Gen. Alfred Lado Gore during the 23rd Meeting of the Parties in Bali, Indonesia, November 2011“…Our presence in the Bali Conference is therefore, to reinforce that commitment of our government (South Sudan) to ratify the two protocols (Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol). It is our utmost hope that we shall achieve the aim to accede and ratify the two protocols with your support.”  This statement was made during the Minister’s speech at the 23rd Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol in Bali, in November 2011. The Government reached this goal soon after by its speedy ratification of the two ozone treaties in the following January."



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