A Tribute to Prof. Frank Sherwood Rowland

Prof. Frank Sherwood RowlandThe UNEP OzonAction Branch is deeply saddened to learn of the passing away of Prof. Frank Sherwood Rowland (1927-2012), the world-reknown scientist whose contributions to the knowledge of atmospheric chemistry about the ozone layer have benefited this and future generations. OzonAction will remember him as a catalytic scientist whose helped change the world's perception about man's actions and lifestyle impact the global environment, specifically the implications of CFCs on the delicate balance of Earth's stratospheric ozone layer. To quote from the Nobel Award Ceremony Speech addressed to Prof. Rowland and his co-laureates Paul J. Crutzen and Mario J. Molina on their research achievements on ozone science: "You have thereby not only created a clearer understanding of fundamental chemical phenomena, but also of the large-scale and often negative consequences of human behavior. In the words of Alfred Nobel's will, your work has been of very great 'benefit to mankind.'" OzonAction joins the rest of the Montreal Protocol community in celebrating the life and very considerable achievements of this eminent scientist.

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On behalf of the parties to the Montreal Protocol, Marco Gonzalez, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat, expressed sadness at Professor Sherwood Rowland passing away and gratitude for his life’s work: “With his amazing intellect, pioneering instinct and unwavering commitment, Professor Rowland saved the world from a major crisis”…
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 Biography of Prof. Rowland
 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1995 shared by F. Sherwood Rowland, Paul J. Crutzen & Mario J. Molina
 Interview with Professor F. Sherwood Rowland by freelance journalist Marika Griehsel at the 55th meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany, June 2005
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