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Chinese refrigeration companies eye opportunities at UNEP Ozone2Climate Technology Virtual Exhibition platform

Beijing, 13 April 2012 – Showcased as part of the UNEP OzonAction booth at the 2012 Ozone2Climate Technology Roadshow in Beijing, China, the Ozone2Climate Technology Virtual Exhibition platform has interested Chinese refrigeration and air conditioning companies to participate in the virtual platform.

Ozone2Climate Technology Virtual Exhibition“Compared to their European or North American competitors, we had more difficulty in convincing Chinese companies to participate in the virtual platform – mainly due to language barriers,” shared Saiful Ridwan, UNEP’s OzonAction Digital Coordinator who is charge of the virtual platform.

“Nevertheless, already getting two fully confirmed Chinese participants from the ten that exhibited in the Roadshow within a very short period of 2 and half day event was great”, added Mr Ridwan. The participants he was referring to are Tsinghua Tongfang and the Chinese Refrigeration and Air conditioning Association.

The Chinese companies that were seriously interested but who had not confirmed during the Roadshow included GREE, Dongyue, Midea, and Nanjing Tica Air-conditioning Equipment. With further follow-up and assistance from CRAA, Mr Ridwan is hopeful that these four companies will also confirm their participation soon.

Saiful Ridwan, explaining the Ozone2Climate Technology Virtual Exhibition platform to potential virtual exhibitors from GREE and DongyueThe Ozone2Climate Technology Virtual Exhibition is an innovative web-based platform implemented by UNEP OzonAction which aims to inform and facilitate the phase-out of HCFCs and at the same time encourage a faster transition to low Global Warming Potential (GWP) alternatives. Technologies showcased at the virtual exhibition include non-HCFC based, low- and zero-GWP, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies available in the market by leading companies and institutions around the world.

As a web-based  platform, the Ozone2Climate Technology Virtual Exhibition at the same time offers an economically and environmentally-effective way to bring visitors from around the globe to a single ongoing event where communication is fast and easy. Moreover, it is accessible from any computer or tablet worldwide while being open 24/7.

The virtual exhibition platform is an offspring of the Ozone2Climate Roadshow also organized by UNEP OzonAction, and its partners, which is a travelling roadshow, have been organized in Maldives in May 2011 and in Beijing recently, from 11-13 April 2012. UNEP OzonAction is currently planning to organize the same in countries like India and Thailand in the future to showcase the leading role of industry pioneers that have developed or adopted climate- and ozone-friendly refrigeration and air-conditioning (R/AC) technology. Learning from the Beijing Roadshow experience, UNEP OzonAction expects to get more virtual exhibitors from India or Thailand, especially if the promotion is aggressively done way in advanced of the Roadshow.

Participation in the virtual platform do not have to be dependent on the Roadshow. Interested companies or institutions who would like to set up their virtual booth to showcase their latest innovations in ozone and climate protection and energy-efficiency may submit a request for participation to UNEP OzonAction at any time. UNEP OzonAction offers the virtual booth spaces free of charge. For well maintained virtual booths, UNEP OzonAction will also offer 2-page exhibitor profile posted on UNEP OzonAction website.

To visit the virtual exhibition please go to: Click on Enter the Expo and register to access for free.

For more information about becoming a virtual exhibitor please contact:

Saiful Ridwan
Digital Coordinator,  UNEP OzonAction, Tel: +33-1-44371624, Email:

Shaofeng Hu
Regional Network Coordinator, Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP), OzonAction Branch, UNEP- Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Tel No: +66 2 288 1126, Email:



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