Strengthening national refrigeration & air-conditioning (RAC) associations in Eastern European & Central Asian countries

27 November 2012 – Casale Monferrato: The Italian Centro Studi Galileo, the European Association of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Contractors (AREA) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) joined forces to strengthen national refrigeration & air-conditioning (RAC) associations in Eastern European and Central Asian countries.

During the first meeting day, Mr. Marco Buoni, Vice President of AREA and Technical Director of Centro Studi Galileo, and Mr. Kelvin Kelly, Training Director of UK-based company Business Edge trained the managers of national RAC associations from Armenia, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia FYR and Montenegro on all aspects of the management of national RAC associations. Starting from the rational of creating and operating national RAC associations and a step-by-step approach on how to create such associations and to ensure their sustained financing, the participants discussed in detail the recruitment of members and how to defend their business interests, cooperation with stakeholder at national, regional and international level and the type of services to be provided to the members in terms of training, events and information services. The importance of effective outreach and media work was highlighted and demonstrated though the warm welcome by the Major of the “Italian Capital of Refrigeration” and the article placed on the cover page of today’s Il Monferrato newsletter. The second meeting day will prepare the participants for the UK assessment under the European Union F-gas regulation which will take place during the last meeting day. Based on the discussions and presentations, it is planned to produce a fact sheet on how to create and operate national RAC associations to be shared with countries in other regions.

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