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Part of the OzonAction MultiMedia Collection, this online video library contains training videos, documentaries, video spots, and public service announcements about ozone layer protection and the Montreal Protocol.

These video resources have been developed by diverse sources including the OzonAction Programme, the Regional Networks of Ozone Officers, Governments and Institutions.

OzonAction welcomes suggestions for additional videos that should be added to this collection

Video Highlights

Cooling without warming the planet

Cooling Without Warming video documentary produced by UNEP OzonAction ROLAC and the Colombian NOU (English, aprox. 30 mn) unveils successful alternative cooling experiences with natural refrigerants for domestic and industrial applications in 5 Latin American and Caribbean countries. These technologies have been smoothly up taking as energy efficient alternatives to the HCFC-based equipment retirement-replacement in the region, being crucial to the protection of the ozone layer and to the avoidance of further potential global warming chemicals' release into the atmosphere.

Ozone Protection Message to Industry

Renowned Chinese actress and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Li Bing Bing is giving a message today for us on the benefits of HCFC phase-out with energy-efficient alternatives that have low-global warming potential. This PSA was developed by UNEP OzonAction Branch with UNEP Division of Communications & Public Information. Li Bing Bing is well known for her achievements both on and off the screen. Throughout her life, Li has been involved in charitable efforts where she can "practice what she preaches" and promote the need to lead a responsible life and protection the environment.

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Achieving climate benefit through smart technology choices

Alternatives to HCFCs in the Foam Sector: Taking on the Challenge » is a 15 min short documentary developed by UNEP OzonAction Branch that seeks out answers from the technical and scientific experts closest to the issue and showcases some inspiring conversion projects.

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PSA Ozone Safe Generationg

The public service announcemnt (PSA) video introduces the ozone layer depletion issue and enforces its recovery that was made possible when the MP Parties joined hands 25 years ago for saving the ozone layer - a global action at its best.  The second part of the video evolves around the multiple benefits of the Montreal Protocol which is not restricted to the ozone related issue only but also unfolds into positive impacts to our biodiversity, climate, health and economy.

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PSA 2: Ar | Cn EnEs | Fr Ru
PSA 3: Ar | Cn | En Es | Fr Ru

25th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol

Achim Steiner, UNEP's Executive Director, highlighting the significance of the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

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Protecting our Atmosphere for Generations to Come: 25 Years of the Montreal Protocol

The signing of the Montreal Protocol in September 1987 launched an unprecedented global effort in the protection of the environment. To this day, the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol are the only universally ratified treaties, uniting 198 countries in taking on the fight against man-made ozone depleting substances.

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