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Because of their unique access to passenger's attention for extended periods, airlines are an ideal and strategic partner for promoting awareness an education about ozone layer protection.

Ozzy Ozone and Airlines

Recognising this potential, the OzonAction Programme's Information Clearinghouse has launched an initiative for National Ozone Units to encourage airlines to promote awareness about ozone layer protection among their passengers and employees, by showing UNEP's Ozzy Ozone as part of in-flight video entertainment. To date the following airlines have shown the video:

  • British West Indies Airlines
  • Air India
  • Air Mauritius
  • Air Namibia
  • Air Senegal
  • Finnair
  • TAP
  • Varig

Air India

Taking a step further, the OzonAction Programme and Air India are cooperating to promote awareness about ozone layer protection among the clients, partners and employees of Air India.

As a result of this voluntary corporate initiative, OzonAction and the airline collaborated to produce:

  • broadcast of UNEP's Ozzy Ozone video on Air India's international flights as part of passengers' video entertainment
  • a special issue of Namsakaar, Air India's in-flight magazine, dedicated to ozone protection, with messages from UNEP's Executive Director and the airline's Chief Executive Officer
  • a calendar using images from the Children's Ozone Protection Painting Competition organised by the OzonAction Programme

As a result of this initial cooperation on ozone protection issues, UNEP and Air India subsequently collaborated to establish an Environmental Core Group within the company and agreement to cooperate on public awareness related to ozone protection as well as other environmental issues.