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United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) OzonAction Branch, as well as other United Nations (UN) agencies operating under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, offered over the last two decades exhaustive training programmes for the servicing technicians on the refrigeration good practices including emissions reduction and sound management of refrigerants. These training programmes always offered also opportunity to field engineers to get involved but majority of the training recipients were field technicians. Therefore, the level of training programmes is always simplified to the minimum scientific level with more focus on hands-on practices and service techniques.

Therefore this course is an effort to support the engineering education process at different engineering institutes and colleges by acquainting the Future Engineers with the knowledge and skills required to manage refrigerants soundly as well as understand the technical and policy aspects associated with the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry as a result of global environmental considerations in particular the protection of the ozone layer and the combat of the climate change.

This special course is first of its kind that offer comprehensive scientific information and knowledge suitable for the academic levels. It offers thorough scientific background as well as applied knowledge that would help building the capacity of future engineers about management of refrigerants.

Engineering institutes and colleges are encouraged to benefit of this effort and use it in accordance to their internal academic structures. The course is developed to ensure complying with international academic standards for similar engineering education. Users of the course are also encouraged to keep abreast with the development at the global level in relation to environment and technology. They are also advised to wisely use the course, or any part of it, in accordance to the local capacities and needs.