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ECA Ozone Protection Award for Customs & Enforcement Officers 4th edition

Illegal / unwanted trade in ozone-depleting substances (ODS) as well as equipment / products containing or relying on ODS (hereinafter referred to as ODS equipment / products) continues to be a serious concern for many Parties to the Montreal Protocol. There are a number of reasons for illegal trade in ODS and ODS equipment / products:

Long lifespan of ODS equipment and, consequently, remaining demand for already banned or controlled ODS, in particular hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) to service such equipment.

Reduced amount of legally available virgin ODS due to the import bans / quotas and the fact that the amount of legally available recycled ODS may not satisfy the demand.

Differentiated phase-out schedules for ODS in developed and developing countries may encourage the illegal cross-border trade of HCFCs e.g. substances are already banned in one country but still legally available in a neighboring country

Export of second-hand refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment containing or relying on ODS from countries with advanced phase-out schedules

High profitability of illegal trade combined with low risk of detection and generally small penalties for offenders.

ODS smuggling reduces the incentives for users to shift to ozone- and climate-friendly technologies. Thus, it undermines the achievements of the Montreal Protocol its amendments. Customs and enforcement officers assume a key role in monitoring and controlling the trade in ODS and ODS equipment. They enable countries to fulfill their commitments under the Montreal Protocol.

Media briefing on launching the 4th edition of the award in English and Russian.

Summary of seizures and iPIC consultation, 3rd edition, in English and Russian

ECA Ozone Protection Award 2014 info note ENG