Thematic Meeting on Implementation of HCFC Phase out Management Plans, Zadar/Zagreb, Croatia, 24-26 September 2013

A 3-day thematic meeting on implementation of HPMPs took place in Croatia (Zadar/Zagreb) 24 - 26 September 2013, organised by  UNEP and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Protection of Croatia.

The main objective was to share experiences and information between the countries in the Region (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia FYR, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey) to assist them to comply with HCFC freeze at the baseline level in 2013 and to achieve a 10 % reduction in 2015. It allowed exchange of views and consultation between Ozone Officers, RAC experts and representatives of the Implementing Agencies. Specifically the meeting aimed at:

- enabling National Ozone Units to efficiently implement their national HCFC phase-out management plans (HPMPs)

- reporting the progress in implementing HCFC phase-out management plans and challenges faced

- reviewing the prospective to freeze their HCFC consumptions at the baseline level in 2013 and to achieve a 10 % reduction in 2015

- discussing HCFC alternatives that minimize other impacts on the environment, including on climate, taking into account global-warming potential, energy use and other relevant factors

- overcoming barriers to introduce low- and zero-GWP energy-efficient replacement technologies

- reviewing the status of legislation & policy measures including labelling requirements, standards, and training & certification schemes

- discussing the role of national stakeholders including national refrigeration & air-conditioning (RAC) associations, Customs Administration, industry, importers, wholesalers, consumers, media and legislators in HCFC phase-out

- reviewing of training tools for Customs officers and RAC technicians including e-learning

- discussing case studies in other sectors rerlevant for the countries including foam, solvents, fire extinguishers, etc.

- brainstorming on ways how to leverage co-financing for climate benefits arising from implementation of HPMPs.