UNEP and the Post-2015 Agenda

Monitoring and Reporting

The Post 2015 agenda will require a robust, transparent and multi-stakeholder monitoring and reporting framework to ensure that progress towards meeting goals is effectively tracked and that stakeholders are mutually held accountable for action and delivery. Relevant and timely information would increase efforts to meet goals that are making slower progress, thereby fostering the achievement of sustainable development in a balanced and mutually reinforcing way.


Better, comparable baseline data and statistics will be required to measure a broader range of indicators, requiring new and disaggregated data. Innovation and new technologies need to be embraced for data collection, monitoring, analysis, quality control and verification and to empower and enable a wider range of stakeholders, beyond governments and the UN system, including international organizations, foundations, citizens and responsible businesses to play an important role. Capacity – technical and financial - will need to be strengthened, especially in developing countries, to build solid statistical systems to undertake monitoring. These efforts need to be reinforced by new global partnerships for monitoring progress and strengthening accountability.

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Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) 2015 - Draft Outline

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Calendar of Events