Monday, February 27, 2017

priority activity 1

Priority Activity 1:
Develop and communicate to governments and international agencies a prioritized international agenda of research on VIA Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation

PROVIA has developed a list of global VIA research priorities through a series of activities aimed at identifying research gaps and needs in this area. This involved a gap analysis using a variety of publications and other sources, as well as consultation process with both scientists and policymakers to respond to the demand for better coordination of policy-relevant research.

The PROVIA research priorities report was launched in August, 2013. It summarized 33 global research priorities on climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation (VIA) that were divided among three sections: information to support policymaker decisions, systems and regions, and emerging topics. Vulnerabilities of the following systems are addressed: food system; water system; ecosystems; energy system; and infrastructure systems and the build environment. Critical geographical areas are also identified.

A summary of the findings was disseminated at various fora including UNFCCC COP 19 (November 2013, Warsaw, Poland). Implementation of this activity has helped encourage countries and international communities to streamline VIA research, ultimately helping to fill the knowledge gaps in VIA, identified in the IPCC reports and complements to the work of WCRP on improving knowledge and understanding of global and regional climate variability and change to provide the best possible climate information.

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