Wednesday, February 22, 2017

priority activity 3

Priority Activity 3:

Strengthen communication within the Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation Research Community

PROVIA is promoting communication of VIA information through a number of mechanisms, including a regularly updated PROVIA website and a quarterly newsletter.

PROVIA is one of the strategic partners and conveners of a biennial International Adaptation Conference that brings together research scientists, policy makers and practitioners from developed and developing countries to share knowledge about adaptation challenges and opportunities. In May 2014, PROVIA co-hosted The Third International Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2014 (Adaptation Futures 2014, Fortaleza, Brazil).

The Fourth International Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2016 will be organised by the European Union (EU) and PROVIA and will be hosted by the Government of the Netherlands to coincide with the Dutch presidency of the EU.

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