Thursday, October 23, 2014

priority activity 4

Priority Activity 4:

Improve the robustness of VIA assessments, by developing revised technical guidance on tools and research methodologies

PROVIA is producing a guidance document on methods for climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation assessment. The final guidance report is now available. To see the report and the summary, click here.

PROVIA is exploring possibilities to summarise and synthesise the PROVIA guidance report into a document that could complement the UNFCCC Guidance targeted specifically at the National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).The PROVIA Guidance is designed in a way to allow easier updating, making the Guidance a living document. In addition, the Guidance could be used to prepare training modules and materials targeting potential users. The UNFCCC process for preparing NAPs was agreed at COP-16 in Cancun, Mexico. The UNFCCC Secretariat is currently preparing technical guidance to support NAP preparation, which takes place in parallel with the development of the PROVIA Guidance.

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