Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Research Priorities on Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation: Responding to the Climate Change Challenge

To respond to the demand for better coordination of research, PROVIA has led the development of a set of Research Priorities on vulnerability, impacts and adaptation in consultation with both experts and policy makers. The Research Priorities include new and emerging topics, and topics that have long been recognized as important but for which research is still required.

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The PROVIA Guidance on Assessing Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change

PROVIA is developing revised guidance on assessing vulnerability, impacts and adaptation (VIA). This will serve as a much needed update of earlier IPCC Guidelines (1994) and the UNEP Handbook (1996). The PROVIA guidance provides a framework for considering the full range of approaches to VIA assessment. It aims to help professionals such as researchers, policy makers, sectoral planners and consultants to select the appropriate methods and tools for their particular context and adaptation situation.

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