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The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Water and Wetlands

This report presents insights on both critical water-related ecosystem services and also on the wider ecosystem services from wetlands. The objective is encourage additional policy momentum, business commitment, and investment in the conservation, restoration, and wise use of wetlands. The report seeks to show how recognising, demonstrating, and capturing the values of ecosystem services related to water and wetlands can lead to better informed, more efficient, and fairer decision making. Appreciating the values of wetlands to both society and the economy can help inform and facilitate political commitment to policy solutions.

TEEB Water and Wetlands is about the water - wetlands - ecosystem services interface it concerns the importance of water and its role in underpinning all ecosystem services and the fundamental role of wetlands in global and local water cycles. It is also about the wide range of ecosystem services provided by nature to people and the economy that need to be taken into account to ensure that the full benefits of nature are not overlooked. It is about the values of nature which can be expressed in a number of ways and methods, including qualitative, quantitative and monetary indicators.

This report aims to support evidence-based decision making by presenting an array of ecosystem service values in varying contexts.

TEEB Water and Wetlands aims to contribute towards the wise use of wetlands through creating better understanding of ecosystem service values and benefits and their integration in decision making at all levels.
  Year of Publication: 2013
 Author: UNEP
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