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Green Dot
Water World: Children's Voices

Water World is a new, unique, educational booklet on water for children, it has been produced and published by UNEP. The manuscript was prepared in collaboration with UNEP’s Regional Offices and the Eco-Schools International Coordination in Portugal. “Water World” represents a new creative approach to teaching children about urgent environmental issues, in this case water. The product could be used as part of the study literature in schools or as additional material for children to read at home.The booklet is based on the theme for the 2003 World Environment Day; “Water – two billion people are dying for it”. Through UNEP’s regional offices and other collaborating organisations, children from all over the world were invited to send in pictures, poems and stories on water. A story was then developed around these contributions. The narrator, Nthabi, is a fictitious 14-year old Kenyan girl. Together with friends from all over the world, Nthabi describes her own experiences of water and presents basic facts and challenges related to water. The information is provided in an exciting, non-formal, children-friendly, yet educational way.
  Year of Publication: 2004
 Author: UNEP
 ISBN No: 92-807-2388-X
 Price US $: 12.00
 Stock Number: 3344
 PDF Not Available
 Number of Pages: 87