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Green Dot
Sustainability Communications: A toolkit for Marketing and Advertising Courses

The toolkit will offer relevant training material on sustainability issues for students in marketing and communications or other relevant fields. The material will be designed such that professors and universities can use some modules or the whole kit, depending on their needs. The objectives are (A) to provide professors and students with the practical tools to understand and develop effective marketing strategies and communication campaigns on sustainable goods and services, and (B) to demonstrate - through recognized theories and case studies - the business case of sustainability marketing and communications and the long term advantages for companies but also public institutions to communicate on sustainability issues in an appropriate manner. The CD ROM will include four main modules: 1 - Sustainable development: ethics and social practices 2 - The economic and social context for sustainability communications 3 - Sustainability Communications in practice 4 - Marketing and communications exercises In addition, the CD ROM will include: - case studies to illustrate the various aspects of sustainability communications while providing the opportunity to motivate students' participation; - additional reference materials, e.g. academic articles, manuals, reports, publications related to sustainability communications; - web links and databases; - bibliographies.
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 Author: UNEP
 ISBN No: 978-92-807-2769-2
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 Stock Number: DTI/0886/PA
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