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Environment Outlook in the Amazonia - GEO Amazonia

Over a decade, UNEP has carried our a series of integrated environmental assessments, called GEO, aimed at providing comprehensive, scientifically credible, and policy-relevant assessments on the interaction between environment and society. The methodology used to produce GEO assessments ensures the integrated analysis of the state of the environment and policies, along with the provision of an outlook for the future and concrete policy proposals. The methodology prides itself on a participatory, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary process through which the assessments are conducted. The report, "Environment Outlook in the Amazonia - GEO Amazonia", the main product of the assessment for the Amazon Basin that has been implemented by UNEP and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO), with technical help of Universidad de Pacifico (UoP) and the project's Technical Committee, which is consisted of leading organizations and institutions from all eight Amazonian countries, and those that are known for their technical expertise over Amazonian environmental and socio-economic issues.
  Year of Publication: 2008
 Author: UNEP
 ISBN No: 978-92-807-2945-0
 Price US $: -
 Stock Number: DEW/1073/PA
 PDF Available at: Environment Outlook in the Amazonia - GEO Amazonia
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