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Global Trends in Sustainable Energy investment 2009

The 2009 Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment report, considered by many to be the most authoritative appraisal of clean energy investment trends, is being released during one of the worst financial and economic crises for a generation with sharply rising unemployment in many parts of the globe. It also comes less than six months before the crucial UN climate convention meeting taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the view of the UN Environment Programme and increasingly others that a Green Economy approach to these and other emerging challenges, such as energy security, resource efficiency and catalyzing an innovation-based economy, go hand in hand. Renewable energy, with its low carbon footprint, the relative speed with which it can be deployed into developed and developing communities alike and its ability to generate new kinds of businesses and green jobs, is a key element of that transition.
  Year of Publication: 2009
 Author: UNEP
 ISBN No: 978-92-807- 3038
 Price US $: 0.00
 Stock Number: DTI/1186/PA
 PDF Available at: Global Trends in Sustainable Energy investment 2009
 Number of Pages: 64