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Green Dot
TUNZA: Acting for a Better World

This book is a contribution towards sustainable development and is dedicated to youth around the world. It is intended to increase awareness on environmental issues among young people and to provide them with tips on how to address these issues in their communities.Access to credible and relevent information that can be adapted in different situations and contexts in life is an essential tool for enabling young people to influence their communities. It is hoped that in the long term, this book will contribute to the development of good environmental ethics among young people and enable them to cope with current environmental challenges and those of the future.
  Year of Publication: 2003
 Author: UNEP
 ISBN No: 92 807 2352 9
 Price US $: 20.00
 Stock Number: 3310
 PDF Available at: TUNZA: Acting for a Better World
 Number of Pages: 159
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