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Global Initiative

Fifth International Marine Debris Conference

UNEP’s Regional Seas Coordinating Office and the Global Programme of Action (GPA) have embarked on the development of a ‘global initiative on marine litter’. Although marine litter is found in all oceans and sea areas of the world, this proposed initiative would concentrate, among others, on the establishment and development of pilot regional activities in regions that are particularly affected. The global initiative would also provide a global platform for the establishment of partnerships, co-operation and co-ordination of activities for the control and sustainable management of marine litter.

Key activities:

Most of these activities have been developed by UNEP/RSP in consultation and, if appropriate, in co-operation with UN Agencies, including IMO, IOC of UNESCO, FAO and the Basel Convention. Internal consultations and plans for co-operation were also held with the GPA and the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) of UNEP.

Other activities that are planned to be developed within the framework of UNEP’s Global Initiative will include, the development of substantive guidelines and recommended policies on:

  • harmonizing monitoring systems of marine litter;
  • the management of abandoned and lost fishing gear;
  • reception facilities for marine garbage and waste;
  • the development of economic instruments to better control the problem;
  • addressing the tourist and diving sectors and industries;
  • cooperation with global and regional beach clean up campaigns;
  • the development of outreach and educational material and other activities that will be identified as priority issues. 

UNEP and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are co-organizers of the conference the Fifth International Marine Debris Conference which will take place March 20-25, 2011, in Honolulu, Hawai’i. The conference will bring together international marine debris researchers, natural resource managers, policy makers, industry representatives, and the nongovernmental community. This conference will highlight research advances, allow sharing of strategies and best practices to assess, reduce, and prevent the impacts of marine debris, and provide an opportunity for the development of specific bilateral or multi-country strategies.

For more information please visit http://www.5imdc.org