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Regional Activities

Regional actions on marine litter are being developed in the following Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans areas: Baltic Sea; Black Sea; Caspian Sea; East Asian Seas; Mediterranean; Eastern Africa; North East Atlantic (OSPAR); )Northwest Pacific (NOWPAP); Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA); South Asia Seas (SACEP); South East Pacific (CPPS); and Wider Caribbean. In addition Regional Seas Programme (RSP) is supporting regional activities on marine litter in the Baltic Sea.

A. Regional activities in the Black Sea: Caspian Sea; East Asian Seas; Eastern Africa; Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA); South Asia Seas (SACEP); South East Pacific (CPPS); and Wider Caribbean are arranged through an agreement concluded between the Regional Organisation and UNEP/RSP on the management of marine litter in the region.
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The NOWPAP region developed, in cooperation with RSP, Regional Marine Litter Management Programme (MALITA) without signing any formal agreement with the RSP.
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C. Mediterranean

In the Mediterranean, RSP provided financial support to the Mediterranean Coordinating Unit, UNEP which signed agreements with three respected NGOs from Greece.
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D. Baltic Sea

For the Baltic Sea, an agreement was signed between the Helcom and RSP for the preparation of the regional review of the state of the Baltic Sea relevant to marine litter.
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