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Regional activities on marine litter in the Mediterranean (Medium Term Public Awareness and Regional activities on marine litter in the Mediterranean (Medium Term Public Awareness and Education Campaign on Management of Marine Litter in the Mediterranean), supported by the Regional Seas Programme of UNEP, were organized with NGOs in Greece: Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO/ECSDE); Clean up Greece; and Marine Environment Protection Association - HELMEPA) in coordination with UNEP’s Mediterranean Action Plan.

The objectives of this activity are to bring about a change in attitudes and behaviours of the general public and ‘specific’ polluters (target groups). In order to achieve these objectives, the following activities will be included in the campaign:

  • The awareness and education campaign should reach a wide array of audiences, including the general public, industries; and media;
  • Selection of countries and communities within selected countries for the implementation of the Campaign;
  • Development and implementation of programmes of cooperation with the civil society, including programmes to develop partnerships, voluntary agreements and cooperation with major stakeholders;
  • Development of campaigns and/or permanent services for the cleaning and collecting of solid wastes that pollute coastal and marine areas.;
  • Development of 'responsible citizenship' guidelines for different sectors and target audiences;
  • Preparation of brochures, posters, logos and other materials in various languages for promoting public awareness on the reduction of marine litter and enhancement of active participation of the media in the campaign; and
  • Organisation of the Mediterranean Beach Clean Up Day in conjunction with the World Beach Clean Up Day (September).