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Related Links

Conference Proceedings

2005 Conference
The plastic debris rivers to sea conference

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society
Marine debris conference

Educational/Informational Resources

Coast Sweep
Massachusetts' annual statewide beach cleanups

Bienvenido a la página de los Detectives Científicos de la Basura!

Movement and accumulation of floating marine debris

Marine Mammal Centre
For Teachers: How much can an entangled California sea lion eat?

MONSTRES des mers
Installations et exposition photos du 9 juillet au 17 août 2008

Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Multi-Agency Education Project
For Teachers

All about the ocean - Marine pollution

Pocket Guide to Marine Debris
From a booklet published by Ocean Conservancy and the United States EPA

Great barrier reef marine debris

Science NetLinks
Litter life

Society of the Plastics Industry
Plastics and marine debris

Tasmanian Environment Centre
Marine debris monitoring

United Nations Atlas of the Oceans
Information about the Atlas...

Government Bodies

Environment Canada
Marine debris in Canada

Harmful Marine Debris
Key threatening processes information sheet

National Marine Sanctuary
Derelict fishing gear (DFG)

Ocean Planet
Oceans in peril

South Carolina Marine Debris Initiative
OCRM: Outreach & initiatives

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Marine debris abatement

U.S. Coast Guard
Garbage dumping restrictions in U.S. waters

Media/News Articles

Xinhua, May 25 2008
Joint efforts urged to slash use of plastic shopping bags at G8 environment meeting

Finding solutions to marine trash - Teachers have a go in 15 mins

The HINDU (Online edition of India's National Newspaper)
Volunteers remove 1,000 kg of marine trash

Los Angeles Times, August 2 2006
Altered Oceans: Plague of plastic chokes the seas

National Geographic
Ocean litter gives alien species an easy ride

Star Bulletin, Vol.11 Issue 205 - Monday, July 24 2006
Study of ocean area where garbage accumulates

Non-Governmental Organizations/Entities & Foundations

Algalita Marine Research Foundation

Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation
Promoting marine conservation through education and research in New England

Clean Ocean Action
Effort to reduce debris in our oceans

Conservation Science Institute

Falklands Conservation
Marine debris and pollution

Defending our oceans

Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation
Reduction of marine litter in the North Sea by changing the attitudes and behaviour

Lighthouse Foundation
Integrated approaches in the relationship between humans & the marine environment

Morecambe Bay
Beach care

National Aquatic Litter Group
Reducing the amount of litter in rivers and the sea

Ocean Conservancy
Marine debris study

Pick a piece every day

Pitch-In Canada
Marine program

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Marine debris and cetaceans

Marine debris in Northern Territory Waters 2003

Other Resources

United Marine International
Marine trash skimmers

Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures
Marine debris field data sheet

Marine debris and its impact on marine living resources