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Other Programmes & Activities

This section includes examples of actions (cases and best practices) taken to deal with and prevent marine litter pollution.

Much is already being done by many to prevent the generation and spreading of more marine litter. Here you will find a few examples of such positive actions, precautionary work, forward-looking initiatives and good practices. Such actions/initiatives include:-

Beach clean-ups and campaigns include activities aimed at removing marine litter (marine debris) and collection of valuable information on the amounts and types of litter in beaches, waterways, parks, markets, roadsides and schools.

Economic instruments to enhance better practices and avoid harmful ones.

Educational activities involves disseminating information material and campaigns targetting specific groups or the general public to instill and nurture environmental consciousness throughout different groups of society that interact in one way or another with coastal and marine environments.

Fisheries practices that help reduce marine litter includes activities that are aimed to curbing fishing-related wastes, e.g. by bringing ashore the litter that is gathered in nets during fishing or by activities that encourage fishermen to delibaretely fish for litter.

Non-Governmental and related Organizations (NGO's) includes various organizations, institutions and projects which play a very significant role in the management of marine litter in different ways.

Shipping and recreational boating activities include among others; best practice facilities for marine waste reception, responsible ship waste disposal, and promotion of environmentally sound boating practices to marine business and boaters.

Technical aspects and solutions to facilitate proper waste management.