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Fishery practices that help reduce marine litter includes activities that are aimed to curbing fishing-related wastes, e.g. by bringing ashore the litter that is gathered in nets during fishing or by activities that encourage fishermen to deliberately fish for litter.

United States Environmental Protection Agency Coastal Cookbook
. 'Innovations in Coastal Protection: Searching for Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems', more commonly referred to as the 'coastal cookbook', is an organized collection of successful coastal protection initiatives from across the U.S and includes: Marine Debris Collection and Recycling Program, Reduction of Foam Debris: Foam Encapsulation for Floating Structures in Oregon, Fish Net Collection and Recycling.

Fishing for Litter in The Netherlands
aims to clear the North Sea from litter by bringing ashore the litter that is gathered in nets during fishing. Subsequently the litter is being properly destroyed.

Hands On: Fishing For Litter-Denmark
is part of the Save the North Sea campaign which encourages fishermen to 'fish for litter', so that debris can be returned to a marine litter recycling unit in Skagen Municipality.