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Technical Aspects and Solutions

Technical aspects and solutions to facilitate proper waste management are essential. Some examples include:

Plastic trash compressor
, United States. Federal and international law prohibits throwing plastic waste overboard. To handle mountains of plastic trash until ships reach port, the U.S. Navy has developed onboard processors to compact and sanitize plastic trash.

Liverpool Water Witch Marine & Engineering Co. Ltd: Floating Debris and Trash Collection
. The Water Witch is a versatile vessel, best described as a floating 'JCB' or bulldozer, which has been developed for marine clean-up operations. It was first developed in the early 1960's, when the British Port of Liverpool was choked with rubbish which was then trapped within the dock system. There are now 69 Water Witch Vessels in operation for the major ports of the world including Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Cape Town and London. See, for example, Marine refuse & pollution, Hongkong, China.