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First NOWPAP Workshop

Keynote Speech

UNEP challenges the global problem of marine litter | 634KB

Special Lectures

Marine litter activity in the NOWPAP region | 1,624KB

Marine Pollution caused by Plastic Waste | 2,085KB

Status Reports on Marine Litter from NOWPAP Members

Marine Litter in China | 556KB

Recent Overview and Provision of Marine Litter in Japan | 519KB

Policy Trend of the Korean Government toward Practical Solution to Marine Debris | 659KB

Marine Litter problem and ways of solving in the Russian Far East | 880KB


Simulation Model and Monitoring of Marine Litter Distribution in Northwest Pacific Region and its related areas

Movement and accumulation of floating marine debris simulated by surface currents from satellite data | 1,373KB

The surface Oceanic Circulation and Ocean litters prediction of the Japan/East Sea | 2,784KB

Divergence/Convergence Field and its Effect on Accumulation of Sea Surface Marine Litter in Suruga Bay, Japan | 423KB

Use of disposable lighter as an indicator item to monitor marine debris | 1,900KB

A Serious Problem of Coastal Contamination by Drifted Garbage in Japan Islands | 3,179KB

Activities for litter washed ashore by Japan Coast Guard | 6,455KB

Buried Litter on the Beaches of the Northwest Pacific Region: Small but Significant Plastic Fragments in the Sand | 1,740KB

NGO's and Public Participation for Solution of Marine Debris Problems in Korea | 1,324KB

Primorsky Kray Shoreline Pollution Monitoring Methods and Results | 1,525KB


Policy and Management or Marine Litter in NOWPAP Members

The Management of Marine Litter in China | 3,530KB

Preventing Marine Litter from Land-Based Activities in China | 1,303KB

Outline of Japaneese coastal administration and taking measures against coastal litter by way of the administration | 226KB

An Application of Watershed Approach to Manage Land-Based Debris in Han River Basin, Korea | 1,077KB

Initiatives for Building Cooperative Mechanism for the Protection of Marine Environment from Marine Debris in Northwest Pacific Region | 163KB

Decision of the problem of waste treatment in Primorye region | 822KB


Miscellaneous Topics Concerning Marine Litter

Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships in China | 117KB

Marine Fishery Environment Protection in China ---------- Cooperative efforts related to marine debris management in China | 2,586KB

Ghost Fishing by Derelict Fishing Gear: Achievement in Evaluation of Impacts | 1,009KB

What is needed to Stop Trash Getting into the Marine Environment? | 553KB

Enlightening Citizens by Increasing Public Awareness of teh Environment Through Research on the Reality of Seabed Litter | 708KB

Research on Washed-up Driftage on the Coasts of the Northwest Pacific Region | 2,498KB

Introduction to Integrated Management System for Marine Debris in Korea Sea Waters | 3,716KB

Problems of Pollution of Coastal Waters, Sewage and Waste Products in NOWPAP Region | 3,522KB

Litter Pollution of the Khabarovsky Krai Coastal Zone | 1,158KB

Organized by:
Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP)

Sponsored by:
• Ministry of Environment, and
• North Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center

Supported by:
• NOWPAP Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU)
• United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
• Toyama Prefecture
• Toyama City
• Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies (JACZS)
• Japan Driftological Society
• Japan Society of Waste Management Experts (JSWME)