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Regional Seas News

Looking for Synergy in Achieving Biodiversity Millennium Goals in the Black Sea

"Joint Workshop of the Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)"
held in Istanbul, Turkey 15-17 September 2005

Regional Seas supported the workshop as part of it's focus on marine and coastal biodiversity issues and it's cooperation with CBD. The overall objective of the workshop was to harmonize approaches, actions, research and educational activities for the protection and conservation of the Black Sea biodiversity, taking into consideration global, European and regional obligations of the Black Sea coastal states. It further aimed to re-discuss, improve and amend the text of the draft Strategic Action Plan for the Black Sea Biodiversity and Landscape Conservation Protocol (BSBLCP-SAP) in order to better streamline it with the CBD objectives, targets and indicators and with other relevant biodiversity agreements in the region such as the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy. It also aimed to discuss enhanced cooperation among the different partners in the region.

BSC presented the different legal obligations of the Black Sea states on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity (12 in total) including objectives, targets and actions required for implementation under the Draft Black Sea Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, the CBD Secretariat presented the legal obligations under the CBD including the objectives, targets and actions for implementation, and S/M presented RSP and work on marine and coastal biodiversity issues. The Black Sea states presented their National Strategies and activities on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity and constraints for implementation.

The workshop discussed common objectives, targets and actions for achieving the Biodiversity Millennium Goals in the region. It discussed the text of the BSBLCP- SAP an suggested amendments. The work shop decided that there would be 2 separate documents as output of this workshop - an amended BSBLCP- SAP as official document for the contracting parties to approve, and a practical work plan document for the BSC as guiding document for actions and time frame to implement the SAP.

A presentation was made by the Chairman of the CBD advisory Group, on biodiversity assessments and indicators, criteria and reporting requirements at the regional level. The CBD representative also presented the CBD indicators and reporting requirements at the global and regional levels. The workshop agreed that the indicators and the assessment and reporting processes for biodiversity in the region was adequately streamlined with the requirements of the CBD.

BSC will finalize the amended text of BSBLCP-SAP and the practical work plan and time frame for BSC and send to participants for final approval. BSC will also prepare proposal to RSP and CBD Secretariat on possible support to marine and coastal related activities in the region (such as development of publications, reports, trainings etc.). RSP will follow up on outcome of the special marine mammal meeting on asssessment methodologies for marine mammals in October 2005 and identify together with BSC opportunities for further collaboration on marine mammal activities in the future.

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