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Regional Seas News

Cooperation between Regional Seas and IOC GOOS

An MoU between the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IOC of UNESCO) and UNEP, approved by the 37th Session of the IOC Executive Council meeting in Paris, 23-29 June 2004, was signed by UNEP and IOC in March 2005.

The MoU, building on a general MoU between IOC of UNESCO and UNEP from 1987, will provide the framework for collaboration between the Global Ocean Observing System and the RSP.

The RSP-GOOS cooperation shall focus on relevant areas of common interest including in the following areas:

  • Information exchange (sharing of data, information, knowledge and experiences)
  • Awareness (wide dissemination of data, information knowledge and experiences)
  • Activities and projects (that are relevant for both RSP and GOOS). Mutual and cross participation in relevant GOOS and RSP meetings should be promoted and supported.
  • Capacity Building (make effort to build capacities of developing countries and countries with economies in transition that are partners to Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans, in order to enhance their ability to contribute to GOOS)
  • Assessment (cooperate and be fully involved in the development of the process of establishment of the Global Environmental Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment)
  • Ensure that Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans are engaged in the development of future GOOS Regional Alliances and Programmes, where appropriate.

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