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Regional Seas News

Regional Seas Action on Marine Litter

Activities in the regions

Regional Seas has been developing Marine Litter pilot activities in the Caribbean, South Asian Seas (SACEP), Black Sea, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA), South East Pacific (CPPS) and East Africa. The actvities in each region differ slightly form each other, but overall, these pilot activities fit within the framework initiative on Marine Litter.

For example:

In the East African region, UNEP Regional Seas has contracted the West Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) as the main facilitator for an assessment of the extent of the marine litter problems and issues in the region and will be executed in partnership with the Nairobi Convention Secretariat and the WIO-LaB Project. The marine litter assessment would form the foundation for the formulation of strategies for sustainable management of marine litter in the Western Indian Ocean Region. The assessment would furthermore contribute to the formulation of an acceptable Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and Strategic Action Plan (SAP) to be developed under the auspices of the WIO-LaB Project. The main output of the assessment would be a review document entitled "Review on Marine Litter in Eastern Africa - Nairobi Convention region".

For the South East Pacifc region, UNEP/RSP is supproting the Permanent Commission for the Pacific (CPPS) to:

1. support the regional process for the operationalization and implementation of the Regional Action Plan on Land-Based Activities (RAP/LBA), with a special focus on the management of marine litter, in accordance with the Protocol for the Protection of the South East Pacific Against Pollution from Land-Based Sources (1986) within the context and objectives of the (GPA/LBA); and the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and Coastal Areas of the South-East Pacific and;

2. create new regional cooperative arrangements and joint activities to support Sustainable Management of Marine Litter in the CPPS region.

The specific actvitie indlude A - Preparation of a Review Document on Marine Litter in the CPPS Region, on both the national and regional levels, B - Development of proposal(s) for national and regional monitoring and assessment programmes, C – Organization of a regional meeting of national authorities and experts on marine litter D – Organization of the participation of the CPPS countries in a CPPS Regional Clean Up Day, within the framework of the International Coastal Cleanup 2006 Campaign (September 2006). and E - Preparation of a ‘Framework Document’ for a Regional Activity on Marine Litter.

In the Northwest Pacific region the First International Workshop on Marine Litter for the Northwest Pacific region, was held in Toyama, Japan 14-15 Nov. 2005, where UNEP/RSP presented its Marine Litter Initiative. The workshop aimed at presenting the problem of ML in the NOWPAP region through scientific, institutional, administrative and programmatic presentations. The ML workshop was successful, and further discussed on the possible development of this activity in the region.

UNEP RSP is supporting the Regional Coordinating Unit of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP RCU) for the development of a Regional Public Awareness and Education Activity related to the Management of Marine Litter including:

1. A document "Medium Term Public Awareness and Education Campaign on Management of Marine Litter in the Mediterranean";

2. Brochures, posters, logos and other materials in various languages for the Awareness and Education Campaign; and

3. Report on MAP’s contribution to the organization of the Mediterranean Clean up Day (within the context of the World Beach Clean Up day, September 2006) and the assistance to the participation of Mediterranean countries in this event.

RSP and GPA developed a brochure on the global issues of marine litter entitled: “Tightening The Noose – The growing threat of Marine Litter” in Nov. 2004.

In 2004 UNEP’s Regional Seas Programme initiated a Feasibility Study on Sustainable Management of Marine Litter to assess the threat posed by marine litter worldwide and to examine the efficacy of current instruments, programmes and initiatives that address this global threat.

This study has now been published by RSP as a report entitled: Marine Litter: An Analytical Overview, in partnership with GPA, IOC/UNESCO, Basel Convention, and the Mediterranean Action Plan.

The study recommends a series of global and regional activities aimed at controlling, reducing and abating the problem. It recommends the initiation of a broader activity on marine litter, based on selected pilot regions, building ownerships and partnerships, increased information and outreach, sectoral activities and fundraising.

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