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UNEP Division of Regional Cooperation

The Coordination Office of the Division of Regional Cooperation (DRC) was created in 1999 to meet the Governing Council’s request to strengthen regionalization while ensuring a central coordinating role of headquarters. The Coordination Office together with the six regional offices constitute the Division for Regional Cooperation (DRC).

It is the responsibility of DRC to:

  • undertake relevant information and data-gathering to bring regional perspectives to the development of UNEP policies and programmes;
  • present UNEP global policies in the regions and enlist support for them at all levels;
  • implement and complement relevant parts of UNEP's global programmes through initiating, coordinating, and catalyzing regional and subregional cooperation and action in response to environmental problems and emergencies;
  • assist in the development of policies and programmes on global and regional environmental issues between and within Governments in the regions;
  • provide advisory services to help Governments translate global commitments into national action for the protection and enhancement of the environment;
  • raise public awareness of environmental problems and create a consistency for environmental action;
  • promote cooperation between UNEP and non-governmental organizations and the private sector, and
  • broaden the constituency of UNEP.