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South Asian Seas - Governing Instruments

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* No Convention as of yet. The Law of the Sea is considered as the umbrella convention.


South Asian Seas Action Plan (SASAP)

Year adopted: Meeting of Plenipotentiaries on 24 th March 1995
Year entered into force: February 1997 when the Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh ratified the final Act (SACEP, 2003)
Participating Countries : People's Republic of Bangladesh, Republic of India, Republic of Maldives, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

The overall objective of the SASAP is to protect and manage the marine environment and related coastal ecosystems of the region in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. The objective is to be achieved through:

  • Establishing and enhancing consultations and technical cooperation among states of the region;
  • Emphasizing the economic and social importance of the resources of the marine and coastal environment; and
  • Establishing a regional cooperative network of activities concerning concrete subjects/priorities of mutual interest for the whole region.

The SASAP identified the areas where priority activities need o be developed under the Action Plan. The priority activities are in the four specific areas:

  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management;
  • Development and Implementation of National and Regional Oil Spill Contingency Plan;
  • Human Resources Development through Strengthening Regional Centres of Excellence; and
  • Protection of the Marine and Coastal Environment from Land Based Activities.

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