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Northwest Pacific - Governing Instruments

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* There is currently no Convention for the NOWPAP region.

Action Plan for the Protection, Management and Development of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the Northwest Pacific Region

Year Adopted: September 1994, in Seoul, Republic of Korea
Signatories / Participating Countries: four
The People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Japan and the Russian Federation.


  • The wise use, development and management of the coastal and marine environment so as to obtain the utmost long-term benefits for the human populations of the region, while protecting human health, ecological integrity and the region's sustainability for future generations:
  • The control, halting and prevention of any further degradation and deterioration of the coastal and marine environment and its resources;
  • The recovery and rehabilitation of coastal and marine environments that have been degraded and which still have the potential for such a recovery; and
  • The long-term sustainability of coastal and marine environmental quality and resources as assets for the present and future human populations of the region.


  • To assess regional marine environmental conditions by co-ordinating and integrating monitoring and data-gathering systems on a regional basis, making the best use of the expertise and facilities available within the region on a consistent and collective basis;
  • To collate and record environmental data and information to form a comprehensive database and information management system which will serve as a repository of all relevant available data, act as the sound basis for decision-making, and serve as a source of information and education for specialists, administrators and others;
  • To develop and adopt a harmonious approach towards coastal and marine environmental planning on an integrated basis and in a pre-emptive, predictive and precautionary manner;
  • To develop and adopt a harmonious approach towards the integrated management of the coastal and marine environment and its resources, in a manner which combines protection, restoration, conservation and sustainable use; and
  • To develop and adopt effective measures for mutual support in emergencies, collaboration in the management of contiguous bodies of water and co-operation in the protection of common resources as well as in the prevention of coastal and marine pollution.

In pursuit of their chosen goals and objectives, NOWPAP is currently implementing the following activities/projects:

  • The establishment of a comprehensive database and information management;
  • Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter;
  • Regional Oil Spill and HNS Contingency Plan;
  • Coastal environmental assessments, including eutrophication, biodiversity, etc.;
  • Integrated coastal and river basin management;
  • State of marine environment reporting;
  • Raising public awareness of the marine coastal and associated freshwater environment.

Like other regional seas programme, NOWPAP is also turning its attention to building synergies with international environment conventions and related agreements, such as the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Sources of Pollution (GPA).

Full text of the Northwest Pacific Action Plan (pdf 484KB)

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