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Research 4 Rio


Our recent series of events in Brussels and at Rio+20 have investigated key messages on the question ‘How can research best inform the transition to a green economy.

http://research4rio.tumblr.com. You can visit the blog to find information on relevant projects, interviews with event participants, key messages developed at different events, and questions raised along the way. more

Knowledge Center

To provide relevant and up to date information, Research4Policy has developed a Knowledge Centre - an online platform that will transform & accelerate the way in which policy makers can get their hands on valuable information.

The Knowledge Centre is a tool for improved exchange and uptake of EU and international research results related to the environment. It provides tailor-made policy briefs addressing the most urgent environmental issues.

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Monika MacDevette
An environmental physiologist having studied the adaptive responses of plants to harsh and stressful environments, particularly low temperature and freezing stress. view experts list

Policy Briefs

To provide regularly up-to-date briefings for policy makers on the European, national (all 27 member states) and the regional level. These briefings will outline how results from EU research contribute to the solution of environmental problems. latest policy briefs