Sustainable and Responsible Business

UNEP DTIE works closely with partners from business and industry to advance our mission and activities in the field of technology, industry and economics. UNEP's strategy with the private sector aims to facilitate the translation of science based information into a business context, highlighting the use of multi-stakeholder dialogues and interventions in key value chains. This involves working with representatives of business, large and small, from all parts of the world. It also involves working with related stakeholders, ranging from labour and consumers to NGOs and research organisations.
Our activities in this field include stakeholder dialogue, sharing emerging best practices, developing and promoting materials to build the capacities of managers and employees, inspiring partnership innovation and improving understanding of key corporate responsibility issues on the global sustainable development agenda.

Our work in corporate sustainability reporting, covers elements of how governments can support this, as well as resorting capacity enhancement, particularly in developing and emerging economies. We underline the environmental pillar in the triple bottom line approach and use environment as entry point when addressing broader sustainability issues. We view corporate citizenship or corporate sustainability reporting as a values-based way of conducting business in a manner that advances sustainable development. It seeks positive impact between business operations and society, aware of their close interrelation. It also shows an awareness that companies, like citizens, have basic rights and duties wherever they operate. We welcome working with committed partners in this field. The challenge today is to display its practical application in a local and sector-specific context, moving from strategy to implementation.