The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism is a global initiative launched in 2011 to inject sustainability principles into the mainstream of tourism policies, development, and operations. It emerged as a more permanent successor to the International Task Force on Sustainable Tourism Development (ITF-STD). The Secretariat is hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme, Division of Technology, Industry, and Economics (UNEP-DTIE).

The Global Partnership aims to make tourism more sustainable by partnering with governments, destinations, enterprises and consumers in the tourism supply chain to implement projects that are innovative and transformative. As the global clearinghouse for sustainable tourism projects, the Global Partnership will support its inscribed partners in undertaking actions that promote the implementation of policies, planning and private sector investments and management practices which mainstream sustainability in this vital and growing economic sector.

The mission of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism is to develop partnerships based on sustainable tourism principles to support the adoption of clear policies and management practices, share knowledge and experience and implement innovative and transformative projets with the aim of scaling up sustainable tourism practices, worldwide.

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