Technical Assistance

The Tourism programme has developed a series of publications to provide technical assistance to tourism businesses.

Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies for the Tourism Industry - This handbook provides the latest information on available renewable energy technologies. Easy to understand, it helps small and medium-sized tourism businesses negotiate with suppliers and make informed decisions on which applications and suppliers to use.

UNEP's Energy Programme addresses the environmental consequences of energy production and use, such as global climate change and local air pollution. UNEP Energy is concerned with renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport, energy finance, and policy issues.

Ozone Protection

How the Hotel and Tourism Industry can Protect the Ozone Layer - Jointly developed by UNEP DTIE's OzonAction and Tourism programmes, this 60-page guide helps the hotel and tourism industry understand the damage being done to the stratospheric ozone layer by ozone-depleting substances and why industry members should be concerned. It outlines the steps to be taken by hotel managers to establish their own programme to properly manage the transition away from these chemicals.

UNEP's OzonAction Programme supports the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances in developing countries under the Montreal Protocol through its information clearinghouse and capacity-building services.


UNEP's Promoting Cleaner Production Investment web site promotes investment in sustainable businesses and CP in developing countries. This project aims at demonstrating to financial institutions the financial and environmental benefits inherent in CP investments, as well as helping entrepreneurs and CP experts develop creditworthy CP investment proposals.

Environmental Management of Hotels

Environmental Training Pack for Hotels This publication is a complete information pack for developing and expanding the environmental curriculum in hotel schools. The pack will enable hotel management education professionals to develop a tailor-made environmental curriculum to suit the needs and objectives of each school and education system.

Environmental Good Practice in Hotels This publication presents 15 case studies selected from the International Hotel & Restaurant Association annual Environmental Award. The case studies document environmental programmes initiated by independent hotels and international chains across the globe - in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Action areas include environmental policy, design and construction, water, energy, waste, emissions, purchasing, staff training, and guest communication.

The Environmental Action Pack for Hotels is a publication designed to help small and medium sized hotels, which form the core of the hotel industry worldwide, to improve their environmental management.