The intervention areas of our activities:

Demonstrate the value that sustainability can add to the tourism value chain

Improve the knowledge base of the tourism stakeholders

Enable and promote innovation throughout the tourism industry

The thematic priorities of our programme of work:

Resource efficiency and sustainable consumption and production

Climate change and tourism (adaptation and mitigation strategies); Clean energy systems for the tourism industry

Ecosystem management. Protected areas; fragile ecosystems (mountains, coastal areas and SIDS, deserts, wetlands etc.)

Land use planning and tourism development

The tools and instruments we are using:

Advisory services to assist national tourism and environmental administration (and other institutional stakeholders) on integrating sustainability issues into tourism development strategies

Capacity building for sustainable tourism development (Training courses, seminars and workshops)

Field projects to pilot test or demonstrate the application of sustainability principles into the tourism value chain

Communication and information (publications, events, booklets, information kits, etch.)

Partnerships with other international or inter-institutional organisations, development agencies and the organised civil society (NGOs)