The Team

Charles Arden-Clarke, Head of Goods and Services Unit, SCP, DTIE

Charles Arden-Clarke began his professional career in 1984 with the Political Ecology Research Group in the UK. In 1990 he joined WWF International in Switzerland, focusing on trade and environment, investment and environment, ISO standards, eco-labelling and agriculture, and ultimately leading WWF’s international programme on Trade and Investment. In January 2000 he joined UNEP's Economics and Trade Branch in Geneva, with responsibilities for trade and environment matters. In 2004 he moved to UNEP’s Division on Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) in Paris, to work on trade, economics, poverty alleviation, and global public goods and agriculture. Since January 2007 he has been Head of the Goods and Services Unit in the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Branch. He has BA (Hons.) in Zoology from Oxford University, UK, and an MSc in Zoology from Pretoria University, South Africa.

Ms. Helena Rey, Programme Officer

Helena Rey has been working in UNEP's Division of Technology Industry and Economics since 2005. She is responsible for the development and implementation of sustainable tourism related activities within UNEP, notably on climate change and resources efficiency. She manages the implementation of UNEP's activities within the European Commission financed Hotel Energy Solutions project to develop a energy benchmarking, carbon calculating, and energy efficiency and renewable energy investment tool for small and medium enterprise hotels. She is also leading the establishment of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism and supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Investment and Finance in Tourism initiative. She is responsible for the development and management of the Green Passport Campaign, and the tourism capacity building events on climate change and sustainable tourism. She represents UNEP as a board member of the Tour Operators Initiative for Sustainable Development. Ms Rey has more than 12 years experience working as a project manager in South America, Africa, Europe, and Central America. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Management at University of Sunderland, England, and Engineering degree in Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana, Brazil.  

Ms. Deirdre Shurland, Coordinator

Deirdre Shurland, Coordinator has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of the Partnership and is leading the establishment of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism. Deirdre is a senior professional with 20 years experience in tourism sustainability and environmental management of industry in the Caribbean.  She has developed and implemented business support tools, management solutions, training programs, environmental management systems and disaster preparedness training for the Caribbean resort sector construction, engineering, mining industries and businesses, and promoted sustainability through networking, partnerships and alliances. She also has experience in management consulting, NGO management and operations and has served at senior management and board levels.