Becoming a GoF47 Member


Procedure for new members interested in joining the Group

1. Governments interested in joining are invited to approach the Secretariat, either directly or through a Member Government. They are expected to demonstrate that they fulfill the following criteria:

  • Declare that they share the values and objectives of the Group as described in the Charter
  • Have a policy(ies) and/or initiatives in place to promote sustainability reporting or in their absence, have made public their intention to develop such a policy(ies) and/or initiatives, and commit to report on progress; and
  • Commit to participate in activities and formal meetings of the Group (tentatively 2 meetings per year)

2. The Secretariat will then complement and validate the above with a light assessment and will inform the Group Members of the results.

3. The Bureau will then consider the new membership request and light assessment, and will approve it should all requirements be met. The Bureau could also request more information on the status of the country's progress on sustainability reporting initiatives and engage in a dialogue for clarification and potential need for capacity building.

Responsibilities of Members

  • Attend Group meetings and actively participate in decision making associated with the operation of the Group, including discussion about modification of the Organisational Guidelines.
  • Provide updates on their policy(ies) in place to promote sustainability reporting or their intention to develop such a policy(ies) and/or initiatives and the results of these efforts, as a contribution to the effort of sharing best practices.
  • Develop activities in the spirit of the Charter of the Group of Friends of Paragraph 47.
  • Participate in the Group’s activities according to their capacities
  • Take advantage of participation in events addressing the sustainability reporting agenda or related issues to reach out to new Members.
  • Approve the rules of procedure for electing the Bureau
  • Participate in the election of the Bureau
  • Designate a point of contact within the Government for communications with Secretariat

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