GEO-5 For Business


The Rationale for GEO-5 For Business: Why does business need the Global Environmental Outlook?

The world’s growing demand for resources and the rising lifestyles of an increasing population are accelerating the pace of environmental degradation and creating new risks for global businesses every day. Industry holds the key to pioneering a shift to more sustainable patterns of consumption and production, and businesses that identify these risks and adapt to cleaner, sustainable processes along their value chain - will gain a competitive edge in the long run.

The GEO-5 for Business is written for business leaders who understand the rapidly-changing environmental impacts on their sectors, and are willing to conduct a deeper, life-cycle approach to trigger innovation and change along their value chains. In leading this change, businesses can also help stimulate regulatory and policy developments in national and international contexts.

What is the science behind GEO-5 for Business?

The GEO-5 for Business is based on the fifth edition of UNEP’s flagship Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) publication, which is published every five years. GEO translates solid scientific data into policy relevant information on environmental trends worldwide.

GEO-5 uses a multi-stakeholder approach to collate data, integrating inputs from hundreds of scientists and policy experts. The messages from GEO-5 have been tailored for diverse audiences in other supplements such as GEO-5 Summary for Policy Makers, GEO-5 for Local Government, Keeping Track of our Environment, Measuring Progress, and GEO-5 for Youth.

How is GEO-5 for Business structured?

GEO-5 for Business sets the foundation for a dialogue that will span future GEO assessment cycles and offer opportunities for partnership. The report includes two components:

  • A summary of environmental trends and drivers from GEO-5
  • Operational, market, reputational and policy implications of environmental trends in ten key sectors: building and construction, chemicals, electric power, extractives, finance, food and beverage, healthcare, information & communication technology, tourism and transportation with real-world examples to illustrate the implications.

The messages highlight the impacts of environmental trends on businesses and inform business leaders of the crucial need to assess cross-sectoral risks and opportunities to adapt to a different future.

What next?

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