Caring 4 Climate

The Caring for Climate (C4C) Platform is an initiative of UNEP, the UNGC and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) that offers pro-active business an opportunity to engage with stakeholders and the public sector globally concerning action to address climate change. In April, 2010 100 senior representatives from business, finance, the public sector and United Nations, as well as civil society came together in Geneva, Switzerland for the Second Meeting of the Caring for Climate Signatories.

Launched at the Global Compact Leaders Summit in 2007, the initiative provides a business contribution to the UNEP Climate Neutral Network. The 1st Meeting of the signatories to C4C was held in Geneva on 20-21 October 2008, where UNEP gave an update on the science of climate change and latest evidence, calling for urgent action (see presentation - 2,95 MB and meeting report - PDF 1,12 MB).

C4C provides a framework for business leaders to advance practical solutions and help shape public policy as well as public attitudes. At the core of the initiative is the statement “Caring for Climate - The Business Leadership Platform”, launched in July 2007 with 153 signatories including 30 companies listed in the FT Global 500. Today the initiative has over 300 signatories. Chief executive officers who sign the statement are prepared to set goals, develop and expand strategies and practices, and to publicly disclose emissions.

The C4C statement requires signatories to report how they have implemented annually. C4C signatories meetings are held where participants will reporting on what companies have done to implement their commitments. Focussing on implementation by both large and small companies from all regions falls within the approach followed under the UNGC. It also supports examination of the use of management tools and technologies that UNEP is promoting. An initial indication of what companies are doing can be found in the publication “Caring for Climate – Tomorrow’s Leadership Today”, which includes a collection of case studies from 12 companies (see Tomorrow’s Leadership Today)

The three engagement opportunities currently offered under C4C are (i) reporting on actions taken, (ii) a general meeting of signatories (possibly New York), and (iii) international dialogue events. UNEP is working with the UNGC Office and WBCSD in developing activities related to these opportunities. As part its contribution, UNEP has supported the launch of the publication Climate Action (see, including its twelve suggested actions a company can take in introducing its climate strategy. The twelve suggested steps for reducing your carbon footprint provide examples of practical actions companies can take to implement the commitments they make under C4C.

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