From 30 November to 2 December 2009, UNEP held its annual Business & Industry Global Dialogue in conjunction with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and in partnership with the Indonesian government on the theme of 'Biodiversity and Business', in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event attracted over 200 delegates, including 80 speakers from industry, governments, NGOs and academia.

A few weeks ahead of the start of the UN International Year of Biodiversity, the conference was organised to provide a platform for sharing ideas on how to explore and expand business opportunities for conserving and using the diverse biological wealth of countries sustainably, and sharing the benefits fairly and equitably. The conference also offered an opportunity to contribute to shaping the related international policy agenda and to allow business in particular to put forward recommendations to be fed into the CBD COP 10 meeting in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan in October 2010 and into UNEP's work stream in the area of business and biodiversity.

The first day opened with keynote presentations highlighting the biodiversity challenge and the need to scale-up collaborative actions to reverse current trends of biodiversity loss. The opening was followed by a panel discussion and parallel sessions focusing on biodiversity challenges and opportunities in a number of industry sectors including tourism, energy, finance and luxury goods. The second day focused on strategies for managing biodiversity risks and measuring, valuing and reporting business impacts. Parallel sessions focused more in depth on biodiversity tools, standards and certification, biodiversity offsets and partnerships. The panel discussions on the third day looked at concrete ways forward, with special attention given to inputs for the CBD COP10. The outcome of parallel sessions discussions as well as panel exchanges are included in the overall meeting report.

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Session 1: Dr. Pavan Sukhdev delivers keynote presentation Session 3.5. From left to right: Kerry ten Kate, Loy Jones, Annelisa Grigg, Gustaaf A. Lumiu, James Gifford, Danielle Welsh and Jota Shohtoku
Session 4.2. From left to right: Pierre de Prémare, Zoe Cullen, Sean Gilbert, Cornis van der Lugt, Aimee Russillo and James Griffiths Session 7. From left to right: James Griffiths, Edgar Endrukaitis, Joshua Bishop and Nicola Breier