Previous Dialogues

UNEP's Annual Consultative Meeting with its international business and industry network has its origin in the first World Industry Conference on Environmental Management (WICEM) which was held at the Palais des Congrés in Versailles, France, in November 1984. Initiated by UNEP, WICEM was sponsored by world industry in co-operation with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Over 500 participants gathered to discuss environmental management, industrialisation models, pollution control, standards, voluntary codes and the role of multinational companies.

The annual meetings regularly invite representatives of business, industry associations and other stakeholder organisations to Paris, New York and other cities to discuss the world environment agenda. These annual meetings provide the opportunity for UN officials and representatives of industry and trade associations at a national and international level, to:

  • Review progress made in implementing environmental management tools,

  • Exchange information,

  • Discuss production and consumption issues, and

  • Assess the state of the 2002 Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.