Dialogue with Business

As a key pillar of UNEP’s sustainable business platform, UNEP regularly engages in dialogue with business (including finance), industry associations and other stakeholder organizations.  UNEP has hosted consultative meetings with its international business and industry network dating back to the first World Industry Conference on Environmental Management in 1984. The meetings provide a platform to discuss the world environment agenda, spanning issues such as environmental management, industrialization models, voluntary codes, corporate social responsibility, and the business cases for biodiversity and for the Green Economy.

These multi-stakeholder dialogues raise awareness and result in concrete action to:

  • Understand the state of the global environment and how emerging trends will impact the private sector and what can be done;
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges in transitioning to a resource efficient and Green Economy;
  • Review progress made and prioritize future action; and
  • Exchange information and share best practices.

2012 UNEP's Business & Industry Dialogue at Rio+20

The INSPIRE, INNOVATE, INVEST dialogue, held in cooperation with the UN Global Compact at the Rio+20 summit, brought together thought leaders from business, financial institutions and governments to offer insight and vision on the opportunities and challenges of the transition to a resource efficient and Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty alleviation. The dialogue was underpinned by the key findings from The Business Case for the Green Economy publication. Decoupling environmental impact enables companies to position themselves for sustainable business growth. The Green Business Case Model identifies actions companies can take to drive leading indicators of performance and improve financial value drivers. Green Economy benefits to business include:

  • Resilient supply chains 
  • New investment opportunities
  • Increased consumer demand for sustainable goods and services
  • Sales growth and duration of sales
  • Training and job creation
  • Reduced dependency on natural resources
  • Mitigation against the negative financial risk from environmental impact

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