Sustainable Business Forums

UNEP has worked closely with partners from business and industry for over 20 years to promote environmental conservation while fostering economic growth and improving human well-being.  This involves working with representatives of business, large and small, from around the world to decouple growth in production and consumption of goods and services from resource depletion and environmental degradation, and to strengthen the scientific base for doing so. UNEP works with a range of stakeholders, from labour and consumers to nongovernmental, research and other UN organisations, as well as others on sustainable business forums to facilitate the transition toward a more resource efficient and Green Economy.

Activities in this area are supported by sustainable business forums that promote dialogue, awareness and facilitate action.  UNEP hosts business forums and contributes to other forums that translate science for business, highlight value-chain interventions, and support initiatives to enhance corporate sustainability reporting. These efforts are delivered through stakeholder engagement, sharing emerging best practices, developing and promoting materials to build the capacities of managers and employees, inspiring partnership innovation and improving understanding of key corporate responsibility issues on the global sustainable development agenda. UNEP’s support to sustainable business forums focuses on issues of material importance to business and industry, leveraging subject matter expertise and acting as a hub of specialty knowledge.