Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative

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The SPPI builds on the work of the Swiss-led Marrakech Task Force on Sustainable Public Procurement (MTF on SPP) which ended its mandate in May 2011. The Initiative seeks to stepping-up international collaborative efforts on SPP implementation by bringing together representatives from governments, local authorities, business sector and civil society interested in collectively promoting the supply and demand of sustainable products through SPP. 


 The SPPI aims at :
1. Building the case for SPP: improve the knowledge on SPP and its effectiveness as a tool to promote sustainable consumption and production, support greener economies and sustainable development;
2. Supporting the implementation of SPP on the ground through increased collaboration and better access to capacity building tools.


In order to achieve the aforementioned SPPI objectives, the initiative carries out a number of activities through the roll-out of thematic Working Groups (click here to access the detailed SPPI Work Plan)

1. Defining SPP and related concepts, proposing a vision and purchasing principles
2. Monitoring  SPP/GPP implementation and assessing impacts
3. Addressing barriers to SPP implementation and proposing/disseminating innovative solutions
4. Promoting collaboration with the private sector
5. Cooperating for SPP implementation

For more information on the SPPI Participants, click here.